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Sun, 09/21, 1:00pm, Springfield, PA
Guitar Set Up Basics
Mon, 09/22, 6:00pm, West Palm Beach, FL
Worship Assoc. Focus on Audio/Video
Tue, 09/23, 6:30pm, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Guitar in the Style of Zakk Wylde
Wed, 09/24, 6:00pm, Orange Park, FL
PreSonus Audiobox i-Series Workshop
Wed, 09/24, 6:30pm, North Wales, PA
Learn Ukulele for FREE!
Thu, 09/25, 6:30pm, North Wales, PA
Blues Guitar 101
Fri, 09/26, 6:30pm, Orlando, FL
Friday Night Acoustic Jam
Sat, 09/27, 10:00am, Orange Park, FL
Gibson Day at Orange Park!
Sat, 09/27, 11:00am, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Learn to Play Guitar for Free!
Sat, 09/27, 11:00am, Orange Park, FL
Learn to Play Guitar for Free!
Sat, 09/27, 11:30am, Fern Park, FL
Hand Drum 101: Rhythm for Beginners
Sat, 09/27, 11:30am, Orlando, FL
Guitar 101
Sat, 09/27, 12:00pm, West Palm Beach, FL
Fender Day - Guitars & Amps!
Sat, 09/27, 1:00pm, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Learn to Play Ukulele for FREE!
Acoustic Guitar
Video Review: Taylor 816ce with Aaron Dablow from Taylor Guitars

Chad talks with Aaron Dablow from Taylor Guitars about the 816ce Taylor Guitar. The flagship series of the Taylor acoustic/electric line traces back to Bob Taylor’s first rosewood guitars, which helped establish a modern acoustic guitar sound. Contemporary appointments include curly maple binding and a pearl fretboard inlay, which together add a splash of refined style. [...]

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Band Promotion
Assemble A Survival Kit

By: Kevin Manieri George’s Music A wise person once said, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”.  We musicians would do well to live by this code.  We’ve all had those performances where it seems like everything breaks, falls over, works intermittently, or blows up.  Assemble a “survival kit” for shows and you’ll [...]

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3 Practice Techniques for Bassists

By: Kevin Manieri George’s Music Someone recently asked how long it took me to learn to play bass.  The answer?  I’m still learning!  As musicians, we are (hopefully) always working on ways to improve our technique and learn more music.  Although I’ve come a long way since I first picked up a bass over 10 [...]

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The Top 10 Things Every Drummer Needs to Know

By: Kevin Manieri George’s Music Sometimes, we get so hooked on something that we try to “run before we can walk”. Music can have that effect!  Here are 10 things that I really wish I had learned before I had ever picked up a pair of drumsticks.  Forward this to a new player you know, [...]

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Electric Guitar
Line 6 Amplifi Video Review

Line 6 Amplifi – George’s Music – NAMM 2014 New Product! Want to get the exact tones of your favorite tunes with your IOS device? Check it out… Line 6 Amplifi Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers  

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Bench Test: Taylor GS Mini Series

By: Kevin Manieri George’s Music The Taylor GS Mini caused quite a buzz when it first came out in late 2010.  That buzz continues today – we can barely keep the original model in stock, and we are just starting to receiving several limited-edition runs for Spring 2012!  What makes this guitar so special, and [...]

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Keyboard and Piano
Video Review: Yamaha Tyros 4

Video Review for the Yamaha Tyros 4 Keyboard. Georges Music’s own Everett Mann runs down a few of the key features on the Tyros 4. Available Here:  

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Live Sound
Audio-Technica ATW801 Series Wireless Microphone Video Reviews.

We will be covering the three types of wireless microphones from the new ATW-801 series from Audio-Technica. The headset wireless system features sleek stack-able contemporary styling with proven Audio-Technica sound quality. The Audio-Technica ATW-801 Wireless Lavalier system comes with a lavalier system, receiver and belt-pack. You can also use up to 3 systems at once. [...]

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Music Theory
Having Fun with Cajóns!

By: Matt Schaeffer George’s Music Meaning “box,” “crate,” or “drawer” in Spanish, cajóns are becoming ever more popular in today’s music.  Developed in the early 19th century, the cajón was used mostly by slaves to get around the ban of musical instruments in different colonies; because the player sat on the instrument, they could easily [...]

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Product Reviews
Line 6 Amplifi Video Review

Line 6 Amplifi – George’s Music – NAMM 2014 New Product! Want to get the exact tones of your favorite tunes with your IOS device? Check it out… Line 6 Amplifi Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers  

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Review: Korg taktile Keyboard Controllers and Synthesizers

  Introducing the Korg taktile USB controllers. Available in 25 and 49 keys, these are the next generation in USB MIDI controllers and synthesizers. Featuring 512 sounds from Korg’s TRITON synthesizer’s sound engine, allowing you to use the device both as a controller and sound module. Check out the Korg taktile USB controllers today!

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Songwriting Basics

By Ben Blakesley George’s Music We live in an age when making and recording music has never been easier.  Heck, you can do both on the phone in your pocket right now! But despite the ease of doing those activities, knowing how to write a song is still as important as ever. As with anything, [...]

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How to Setup a School Ukulele Class

School Ukulele classes and programs are becoming very popular these days. Many schools are starting up “ukulele labs” that allow students to play together in groups and learn this fun instrument. There are a few essentials you will need to setup a Ukulele Group Class 1. Quality ukulele instruments that will last for years. For [...]

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Ukulele Lessons
Ukulele Lesson: Train – Hey, Soul Sister

By Ben Blakesley George’s Music Looking to learn to play Hey Soul Sister by Train? Check out this video lesson on the exact chords to play. Also, see below for a comprehensive chord guide to learn to play this great song! Follow along with me on the video and I’ll take you step-by-step. Don’t worry, [...]

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Setting Up Your Pedalboard

 by Brian Marchesani – George’s Music – Springfield, PA Electric guitarists are constantly seeking out “how he/she gets that sound”.  I like to call it “the endless pursuit of tone”.  Obviously, there are a ton of factors in how to achieve a desired guitar tone.  In this article, we’ll be discussing the best order to [...]

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